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about us

MasonBees Limited is a small, family-run business based in Shropshire, England. 

We currently employ two humans and tens of thousands of Red Mason bees.

  • To develop techniques and equipment for use by all to create new places of refuge for solitary bees across the UK and beyond.

  • To discover how best to manage, conserve and increase numbers of the Osmia bicornis, Red Mason Bee - and other solitary bee species - in areas of the countryside where they are endangered or extinct.


  • To research and develop techniques that allow Red Mason bees to become a principal pollinator in commercial orchards.


MasonBees was founded in 2012, borne out of a fascination with bees. 

Since starting up, we have developed a range of innovative products aimed at transforming how people think of and care for solitary bee species in their gardens. 


We hope to encourage more people to take on the responsibility of installing nesting tubes for solitary bees and caring for their cocoons. We believe this endeavour should become a cultural norm – akin to feeding the birds. 


We also work with commercial fruit growers and aim to establish mason bees as a prime pollinator in British orchards.

As virtually all of the solitary bees at home and abroad are endangered, it is important we work together and share knowledge to conserve the different species worldwide. We believe we all have a role to play if we want to prevent the extinction of these precious and remarkably valuable creatures.

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