Our cocoon-sharing scheme is the only one of its kind in the UK

and makes caring for red mason bees even more accessible

by taking out some of the dirtier, trickier elements of the process.


It's the perfect way to get started if you're new to the world of solitary bees!


HOW does it work?


For a one-off payment, we send a Guardian Kit to your address.

ORIGINAL Guardian Kit

Each of our kits contain the equipment needed to provide shelter

for a small population of red mason bees that we send in the spring.

When red mason bees emerge from their cocoons in April, 

nearby flora will benefit from some awesome pollination power

and provide the fuel for the next generation of the solitary species. 

VIDEO: mason bee emergence

After summer is over and the last bee has left, your nesting tubes

will be filled with bee larvae and the ends capped with mud.



HERE's where you come in

To be part of the scheme, Guardians send mud-capped

nesting tubes back to us in September - free of charge.

We open the tubes, screen for parasites, remove any cocoons inside,

wash and sort them, before placing into safe storage over winter.

We let each Guardian know what we found inside their tubes

and send them new cocoons in spring -

along with a replacement tube refill for each one sent to us.

Then the process starts again....