MasonBees Guardian Kits contain everything you need to successfully care for solitary bees in your garden, allotment or green space - we even provide some Red Mason bee cocoons to get you started.


Our 2021 Guardian Kits include:


  • 1 x MasonBees Tube Holder - Original (£69), Wooden (£79), or Lodge (£99)
  • 30 x Standard Nesting Tubes
  • 25 x Standard Tube Refills
  • 1 x Cocoon Release Box


  • 1 x O. bicornis Cocoon Starter Stock (UK Red Mason bees) NB: Cocoons dispatched March 2021


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  • Exclusive Discounts
  • Access to 2021 Tube Return Service




Once purchased, everything included in our Guardian Kits is yours to own - if the included bees nest succesfully, the population can either be managed by yourself at home, or you choose to participate in our cocoon-sharing Bee Guardian Project.


Guardians return any occupied equipment to our Freepost address in September - nesting tubes and observation drawers are both accepted.


We'll screen the nests for parasites, remove any cocoons inside, clean and sort them before placing into safe storage over winter.


We let each Guardian know how many cocoons we found inside their tubes and send them a new stock of bees in return the following Spring - along with a replacement tube refill for each one sent to us. Then the process begins once again, and it can do - again, and again, and again!


All equipment is dispatched at the time of purchase, with the included bees delivered separately in March 2021. More information can be found on our Guardian page. UK & Ireland residents only. Surplus cocoons produced by Guardians in 2021 are retained and used to create more participant places in 2022.


Terms and conditions apply.

2021 Guardian Kits

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    Please visit our Bee Guardian page for more information.


    Buying as a gift? No problem.


    We'll need to know the recipients' name, postal address and email at the time of ordering, so please include this information in the Notes section at checkout. We'll send everything directly and include a nice message too, if you'd like to leave one.

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