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2022 Guardian Kits

Our Guardian Kits include a small population of Red Mason bees and all the equipment and know-how you need to successfully care for them in a pollen-rich garden, allotment or green space.


Particpation in the #BeeGuardian Project - the UK's only solitary bee cocoon-sharing scheme - is included with every purchase - or you can choose to fly solo and look after your popluation of Red Mason bees on your own (We're here to support you all the way!) 


2022 Guardian Kits include:

  • 1 x MasonBees Tube Holder - choose from: Original / WoodenLodge 
  • 30 x Standard Nesting Tubes
  • 25 x Standard Tube Refills
  • 1 x Cocoon Release Box
  • 1 x Red Mason bee population (60 x Osmia bicornis cocoons)
  • 3 x 'Seasoned' Nesting Tubes
  • 1 x bees-Ness Time Booklet


Additional 2022 Guardian perks, including:

  • FREE occupied equipment returns/exchange service (September-November)
  • Exclusive Guardian Discounts
  • 'Guardian's Guardian' emali Newsletter


For more information, please visit our  #BeeGuardians page 

UK residents only. Terms and conditions apply.

2022 Guardian Kits

Out of Stock

    Further information on the #BeeGuardian Project is available on our Bee Guardians page.


    No problem!

    Use the 'Comments/Notes' form in your shopping basket to include a free gift message with your purchase. and/or provide us with any additional information relevant to the order, e.g. a delivery date request / leave safe location. 



    Buying a Guardian Kit as a gift? 

    We'll need to know the recipient's full name, email address and postal address for the cocoon delivery in March. Please use the 'Comments/Notes' of your shopping basket to include as much of this information as possible at the time of purchase. 

    NB: Included equipment is shipped to the purchaser by default - however, if you'd like us to ship directly to the receipient, please indicate this in the Comments/Notes as well.

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