Bee Lodge ™

MasonBees are proud to introduce our Bee Lodge (TM). Crafted from high-grade Birch plywood, this bee-friendly box will make a great addition to any garden or green space and a perfect home for visiting bees.

Unlike many similar products available, our Bee Lodge (TM) is made up of tubes that can be removed, cleaned and used again from year to year. This is great news for the bees! 


Bee 'Hotels' have become very popular in recent years, but if they can't easily be cleaned, will usually become very risky place for bees to nest as time goes on - using our Nesting Tubes allows a chance each season to remove predators and parasites that would ultimately harm the cocoons. 


Our Lodge features a Perspex-topped observation drawer for safely observing bees, making it a fantastic learning tool. The channels in the drawer and the Nesting Tubes provided are sized perfectly for non-stinging species like Red Mason bees (Osmia bicornis), Blue Mason bees, (Osmia caerulescens) and Wood-carving Leafcutter bees, (Megachile ligniseca) - so there's no need to worry about getting in close!


30 x Standard Nesting Tubes are also included.

Bee Lodge ™


    Bee Lodge with 1 x Observation Drawer (8mm)

    Includes 30 x 'Standard' Nesting Tubes


    Housing - Birch

    Viewing screen - Perspex

    Routed drawer section - Poplar

    Drawer trim - Sapele

    Handle - Beechwood

    External Dimensions:

    L = 270mm

    W = 155mm

    H = 180mm

    Designed, Manufactured & Assembled in UK

    Additiona tubes & drawers sold separately.

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