MasonBees Nesting Tubes

Caring for our native bees has never been more important and providing a nesting site is a first step towards improving things for our pollinating pals. But it's just the first step. Overwintering solitary bees in a pest-free environment and providing a fresh nesting site the following spring are vital if we want a population to flourish, year on year.


Developed since 2011, MasonBees Nesting Tubes are the best man-made nesting material you can provide for visiting solitary bees. Made from strong and resilient spiral cardboard, the outer layer is designed to be re-usable, while the inner layer can be easily removed and replaced. In addition to ensuring nesting sites are clean each spring, using MasonBees Nesting Tubes allows for the opportunity each year to disrupt parasite cycles and remove flies, wasps and mites which may have also infiltrated solitary bee nests.


Most 'bee hotel' products available do not allow for easy cleaning of nesting cavities or the removal of the parasites and predators which also occupy the nests each year. This step is often overlooked, but it is so incredibly important! You can imagine that a dirty, parasite-infested hotel is not a safe place for bees to raise their young... After all, would you stay in a hotel that couldn't be cleaned? No, us neither!


Opening occupied inner tubes couldn't be easier. The layers begin to unravel when soaked in water* for 20-30 minutes, allowing any Red Mason bee cocoons inside to float to the surface, unharmed, while parasites float to the bottom! Water-soaking isn't neccesary, either - tubes occupied with water-sensitive species can easily be opened by hand.


When dry, cocoons extaracted from our tubes should be stored in a breathable container in an unheated garage or shed over the winter month, before being released back into the wild in spring. 

'Standard' and 'Large' sizes available, in packs of 30, 50 and 100.


Use with a MasonBees Nesting Tube Holder for best results.


MasonBees Nesting Tubes

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    MasonBees Nesting Tubes

    Standard/Large sizes available in packs of 25/50/100


    Standard | 165mm || Large | 260mm



    Use with MasonBees Tube Holder for best results.

    Please contact us for wholesale enquiries.


    Our 'Standard' size equipment is adequate for most mason bee populations. 'Large' tubes and holders can be considered when larger populations are evident.

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