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Wooden Nesting Tube Holder

Affectionately dubbed 'The Cabin', our Wooden Nesting Tube Holder is a fantastic plastic-free alternative to our Original Holder and holds up to 40 MasonBees Nesting Tubes. 


Hand-made in the UK from high-quiality sustainable birch plywood, our extremely durable wooden holder will provide a weather-proof home for visiting bees for many years to come.


PLEASE NOTE: Nesting Tubes sold separately.

Wooden Nesting Tube Holder


    Wooden Nesting Tube Holder 

    | H: 170mm || W: 110mm  || L: 245mm |

    Nesting Tubes sold separately.

    PLEASE NOTE: Product colour may vary.


    Please check the FAQ or contact us if you have any additional queries about any of our products.


    Also available as part of a complete Guardian Kit.


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