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Thanks for visiting Unfortunately, you join us at a rather difficult time...


Bee-zooka Limited - the business that runs this website, the #BeeGuardian Project and @uk_masonbees social media channels – lost its company status in late 2022, after falling behind with its accounts and other statutory duties. 


While these serious issues are being addressed, sales from our online shop have been paused and all communications have been suspended.


The #BeeGuardian Project, however, has continued to run throughout this period. All occupied material sent via our 2022 Returns Service has been processed, with all cocoons extracted and stored, ready for redistribution in Spring.


In the immediate future, the completion of the 2022/23 season is our utmost priority, and we’re confident that this can be delivered. This means that, during March 2023...

  • All relevant Guardians will be issued with a Bee-port Card

  • Season Survey and Cocoon Request Forms will be made available

  • 2023 cocoon deliveries will be scheduled, and Guardians notified of arrival dates


We have received a great deal of communication from concerned customers and Guardians over the past weeks and months, and we’d like to take this opportunity to sincerely apologise for our failure to respond to your enquiries. 


Unfortunately, it is not possible to issue replies to all who have contacted us at this time, but we have compiled an FAQ below, which we hope will address the vast majority of concerns brought to us over the past few months. 


We’ve also provided a full statement on recent events, which we hope will give a more complete explanation of the current situation, how it came to pass – and where we hope to go from here.

recent events Faq

q. Are you still trading?

At the time of writing, is not currently taking orders, and it has been around three months since the last fulfilled order was dispatched.  It is our intention to re-open our online store and resume trading from mid-April 2023.

Q. I placed an order online, but I couldn't pay.

Regrettably, payment processing was suspended on our website in November 2022, which meant that, although it was possible to place an order, it wasn’t possible to pay. As a result, all orders placed from mid-November remain unfulfilled. We appreciate how frustrating it was for those who tried to make a purchase during this time and extend our utmost apologies for any inconvenience caused by our failure to deliver.


Outstanding orders will remain unfulfilled for the time being, and all customers who placed an order while our shop wasn’t functioning will be contacted directly, prior to the re-launching of in April 2023.

q. What has happened to the equipment I returned?

We’re pleased to confirm that all occupied equipment sent to us by Guardians has now been processed, with 175,000 Red Mason bee cocoons extracted and stored, ready for redistribution in Spring 2023.


q. Will I receive a Bee-Port Card and if so, when?

Yes! We’re pleased to confirm that all 2022/23 Bee-port Cards will be issued to Guardians via email no later than 19th March 2023.


q. Will cocoons and equipment be returned,

and if so, when?

Yes! Cocoons and replacement equipment will be returned as usual, arriving with Guardians from the week commencing 3rd April 2023.


As with previous years, cocoon distribution will be scheduled according to location, with those in the South of the UK receiving bee-liveries before those in the North. All Guardians will be emailed with an estimated delivery date in March 2023.


q. Did you receive my bees and/or drawer?

A confirmation email was sent to all Guardians within two weeks of a successful delivery. This email may have gone into a junk or spam folder, rather than your inbox.


If you sent a package but did not receive a confirmation, please wait until after Bee-port Cards are issued to Guardians, before getting in touch to let us know.


q. What should I do if the package containing my occupied equipment was returned to me? will never return a package received from a Guardian – however, each year, a small number of packages do not make it through the postal system and are returned to the sender by Royal Mail.


At the time of writing, (March 2023), it is no longer possible to return occupied material. Guardians with occupied tubes or drawers should follow our guidance and extract cocoons at home, so they can be released safely in the Spring.


q. I couldn’t return occupied material in 2022

– will I receive cocoons this year?

If you were a Guardian in 2022 and your bees were unsuccessful - or if you were unable to make a return for any other reason – you will be contacted via email in March 2023 with details on how to remain a Guardian and receive cocoons in Spring.


q. How can I purchase cocoons?

Red Mason bee cocoons are not available for purchase separately. Cocoons are available through participation in the #BeeGuardian Project, which requires the purchase of a Guardian Kit.


q. How do I become a Guardian in 2023?

Simply purchase one of Guardian Kits for the 2023/24 season when made available. To be notified when Kits go on sale, submit your email address in the form provided at the bottom of this page.


q. How can I order more equipment?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to place an order while our online shop is closed. Please visit again in mid-April 2023, when we expect to have relaunched the shop.


q. I have a new address, how do update my details?

Existing Guardians can update any contact details via our Information Update form, which is available here.

2023/24 Guardian kits

If you are interested in becoming a #BeeGuardian this year, please submit your email address below

to receive a notification when our 23/24 Guardian Kits are available to purchase.

Thank you!

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