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Cocoon Release Box

MasonBees Solitary Bee Cocoon Release Box is the perfect environment for releasing emerging bees into your garden in Springtime.

Made from high-quality birch plywood, the heavy lid secures cocoons from large garden predators until they are ready to emerge from the holes in the front.

Includes free breathable plastic container for transporting and storing cocoons.

Suitable for use with cocoons of any cavity-nesting solitary bee species. Cocoons not included.

Cocoon Release Box

Out of Stock

    Cocoon Release Box

    || H | 150 mm || W | 150mm || L | 180mm ||

    Mounting equipment not included.

    Please check the FAQ or contact us if you have any additional queries about any of our products.


    We recommend installing MasonBees Nesting Tubes in the vicinity of any released cocoons. 

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