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Observation Drawers

Designed with the curious conservationist in mind, our Observation Drawers are a perfect nesting environment for a wide range solitary bees and an exclusive window into their magical world.


Each drawer is hand-assembled in the UK and features:

  • Routed Polplar nesting channels
  • Sapele end pieces
  • Imported Beechwood handle
  • Crystal-clear polished Perspex viewing screen


Three variations are available, each routed with different nesting channel sizes - 6mm, 8mm, or 10mm - with each variant designed to attract a different range of cavity-nesting solitary bee species!  D


Drawers can be purchased individually or as a 'Complete Set' - use the drop-down box to make your selection before adding to cart.


**** This product is designed for use with our Bee Unit and Bee Lodge only and not suitable as stand-alone nesting equipment  - under no circumstances should Observation Drawers be used without an accompanying exterior housing! ****


NB: Drawers may not be compatible with Bee Lodge products purchased prior to 2019. Please check the dimentions in the product description to asses suitabililty before purchase,

    Observation Drawers


      Observation Drawers

      6mm, 8mm, 10mm sizes available

      Designed for use with Bee Lodge and Bee Unit

      Not suitable for use without an exterior housing.

      External Dimensions:

      L = 208mm / 222mm incl. handle

      W = 130mm

      D = 16mm - 24mm


      Viewing screen - Perspex

      Routed section - Poplar

      Finish - Sapele

      Handle - Beechwood


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